Derwent Gourmet Pepper Grinders: A Taste Enhancing Masterpiece

Derwent Gourmet Pepper Grinders

Cole and Mason Derwent Pepper Mills introduce a newly designed precision mechanism that allows for professional seasoning and enhanced flavor. Renewed vigor for unlocking a dish's true potential has escalated the demand and desire for a mechanism that doesn't hinder taste. Cole & Mason Derwent Pepper Mills offer six precision grinding levels that will afford owners the luxury of selecting how fine or coarse their pepper is released. While other pepper mills may focus on delivering a flood of pepper whilst crushing and cheapening its overall quality in the process, Derwent Pepper Mills strip its pepper down to the individual layer. It's a seamless process focused on creating a smooth and even flow of pepper.

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Carbon Steel Mechanism

Cole & Mason Derwent Pepper Mills feature a new and enhanced precision mechanism that releases professional seasoning and ultimate flavor. Rather than simply crushing and therefore hindering the flavor of peppercorns, the Derwent Pepper Mill's hardened carbon steel mechanism strips peppercorns by their individual layer as it grinds. As the different flavors within these layers are released, they mix together to create a fully rounded taste by maximizing every bit of the peppercorn.

Six Adjustable Grind Settings

Cole & Mason understands the importance of versatility and has incorporated six adjustable grind settings into each of its Derwent Pepper Mills. Selecting between coarse and fine grinding levels will allow owners to choose a setting that meets their personal requirements. The ability to select from various sizing options makes seasoning your favorite dish extremely efficient without having to sacrifice tremendous flavor.

Easy Refill Design

Derwent Pepper Mills have also incorporated a near effortless refilling design. Simply pull up on the pepper grinder and refill with your choice of peppercorns. It's really that easy. The Derwent series showcases a clear acrylic body that will provide an excellent visual for when you know it's time to refill your pepper mill.

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