Choose the right salt and pepper mill to fit your needs

It’s no secret that salt and pepper can do wonders to enhance your meals. No matter what the cuisine, a dash of seasoning can make those flavors sing. Fresh seasonings add more of a kick than pre-ground. But did you know that the type of salt and pepper mills you use can impact the result too?

What to look for in a salt and pepper mill

A sprinkle of salt and twist of cracked pepper can bring a meal alive. But have you ever considered what features you’d like in a salt and pepper mill set?

Manual, electric, inverted, interchangeable — these handy gadgets come in an array of designs, models, and materials.

When it comes to a good salt and pepper mill, usability is a big factor. Look for sets that twist effortlessly and comfortably, are simple to refill, and easy to clean. And if you plan on using seasoning within your cooking as well as at the table, try finding mills that are steam-resistant.

Another consideration is the size. Grinding whole peppercorns and salt crystals as you need it can help keep your spices fresher for longer. However, the longer seasonings sit in the chamber of a mill, the more their flavor will deteriorate.

Small mills are perfect for home use — you can just top up with fresh ingredients when needed. If you have a big family or serve food commercially, you might be best with a larger size.

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From rustic wooden designs in sophisticated beech to acrylic models for ultimate clarity, there’s a salt and pepper grinder to suit every kitchen.

Why not make a statement at the table with something stylish and modern — perhaps a chrome or copper finish?


There are two sections to think about when it comes to choosing a salt and pepper mill set. The grinding mechanism itself will affect the quality of your seasoning. The material of the grinder is one of the most important differences between a salt mill and a pepper mill, as salt can corrode some metals. Corrosion can reduce the blade’s sharpness, and clumps of salt can block the mill and make a mess.

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A ceramic grinding mechanism is a perfect choice if you want to use your mill for salt and pepper interchangeably. Our classic mills use a unique diamond-sharp ceramic mechanism for ultimate efficiency. For a step up, our Precision+ mills use carbon steel for pepper, offering an even more effortless grind.

You might also want to consider the material of the mill’s body. As well as looking great, grinders with a steel body, like the Witney Classic Electronic Mill, are strong and durable — ideal for everyday use.

Coarseness settings

Some recipes call for different levels of seasoning. Pre-ground salt and pepper can be quick and easy to use but won’t give you texture variety.

Different types of salt can add new flavor dimensions to your dishes. To reach their full potential, some are best roughly crushed while others release their taste in a finer grind. Adjustable salt mills give you the flexibility to switch between fine and coarse seasonings with one quick twist. And the same goes for pepper, which releases different levels of oils and spice depending on its coarseness.

Whether you fancy a gentle dusting of black pepper for a stew or want to add a bit of crunch to a salad with a pinch of sea salt flakes, an adjustable mill will have you covered.

Inverted or not

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Traditional salt and pepper grinders release the ground ingredients through the bottom of the mill.

Inverta mills, on the other hand, include the grinding mechanism at the top, so they need to be turned upside down to use. The innovative design keeps your kitchen worktops clean and free from excess salt and pepper.

If you go for a classic set without inversion, you can keep your countertops spotless with a salt and pepper mill tray.

Electric or manual

Manual grinders require you to twist the top of the mill or crank a handle to crush and release the seasoning. Electric mills eliminate this part of the job, instead grinding your salt or pepper to the perfect consistency at the press of a button.

Battery-powered or rechargeable grinders can be helpful for busy chefs who may need to season with one hand and taste with the other.

Whether you go for an electric or manual salt and pepper mill set, there are a wealth of practical and stylish options available to suit all kitchens and culinary needs.

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