The Gift Guide

Are you stuck for a gift and don't know where to start?
Let us help you decide, no matter the person or budget, we have gifts to suit everyone.

Send it directly to the recipient with free postage over $49, 30 day returns and lifetime guarantee on all mills.

a touch of tradition

our beech capstan mills

With an eclectic mix of homely familiarity and timeless modernity and a choice of two neutral tones, these beech wood mills are the choice for those wanting to cut back on plastic in the home, and go back to a more traditional look.

Designed in 1946 and considered our first mill, they offer adjustable grind, are engineered to last and are covered by our lifetime guarantee.


a mill for every ability

electric mills

Perfect for those who struggle with manual grinding, or find wrist-movement painful or tough, let us help you find the electronic mill that activates at the touch of a button.

No more struggling to move with stiff hands, these mills have a fine grip which allows for ease of use, the perfect choice for making cooking easy.



growING herbs AT HOME

This grow-your-own-herb kit is a sure-fire hit for every age. Learn how to work with the self watering function as the felt pads absorb the water and grow coriander, cress, basil and more. Perfect for use in flats, balconies or windowsills, this is a gift for everyone.

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Possibly the style statement of the moment and a must-have in the kitchen, these boards are great for serving, chopping and more.

Serve blinis at cocktail hour or garlic bread with Pizza on a Saturday night, or rest a solitary oversize candle and plant on the medium version in the center of your kitchen island to create that Instagram-worthy centerpiece.

We say, its imperative you show them off propped up in your kitchen in order of large to small or hang them up from the hooks on the wall.

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making it safer for all


Chopping herbs is can be tricky, its potentially quite unnerving and quite time-consuming (especially if you're finishing a waiting hot dish with a sprinkle of parsley!). So we are bringing the safety and the fun with our Ashden Acacia Herb Mezzaluna which enables you to rock the knife from side to side, chopping with efficiency and ease.

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when you want to impress

the ultimate unboxing

Our range of Derwent Salt & Pepper gift sets make the ideal gift, as they are presented in a gate-fold glossy gift box, partially filled with salt and pepper so they can be used immediately. They can be kept in this box when not in use, ensuring they are kept pristine.

The Derwent sets features these gorgeous presentation boxes and are available with free delivery, direct to the recipient.

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Something they won't have

Duo oil & vinegar pourer

If you've already seen they own a Cole & Mason mill set, then you're probably stumped. Fear not, we have the perfect accompaniment.

Long gone are the times, that it is acceptable to have bottles of oil out on display, poised to grease that pan before cooking. No no, this duo oil and vinegar pourer is beautiful and the attention to detail on the kitchen surface has an air of real refinement.

2-in-1 functionality and truly beautiful.

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reasons to celebrate

Wedding gifts

For the couple setting up in their new home or celebrating a fresh start, we have a large selection of kitchenware and mills to last a lifetime.

Let them unbox their gifts at home by sending your selection directly to the recipient.


The perfect accompaniment to any mill set, these refill jars are gift boxed, and since they are made of glass, entirely reusable.

CHampion the sunday roast

The Carving board

If you're looking for a gift for yourself, why not check out our Berden Serving Board.

Larger than our other acacia boards, this acacia wood board is essential for those Sunday roasts, entertaining and more. Its a hunky heavy board which will be a definitive centerpiece.

With non-slip ridges to ensure you perform even the best carving operation, your guests will be impressed should you choose to serve at the table or the kitchen island.