Gourmet Precision Salt & Pepper Grinders From Cole & Mason

Cole & Mason have been experts in seasoning for over 100 years

It is our mission to be your partners in culinary discovery. Our products fulfill the role of handling an array of seasoning tasks with the endeavor of maximizing the taste for any meal. Whether its leftovers, a quick sandwich or dinner with the family, our goal of providing the best taste experience remains the same. Innovation, style and reliability have been core components of the brand since its inception and they continue to be today. All of our salt and pepper mills are designed to improve the ease of completing regular seasoning tasks and to have a leading aesthetic that improves the look of a home when left out, instead of diminishing it.

Seasoning Enhanced

Food lovers everywhere relish and indulge in new ingredients from across the world. Everyday cooks have an appetite for new flavors that allow them to create dishes which look and taste amazing. At Cole & Mason, we share that passion for great flavors. Whether it's a simple supper or celebratory feast, we provide the right seasoning equipment that can make all the difference. Innovation and style have been at the heart of Cole & Mason since its beginning in 1919. To continue that legacy, Cole & Mason will introduce a new mechanism to our precision and gourmet precision mills which will provide fewer blockages, optimized performance, and unparalleled flavor.

Gourmet Precision+

Our range of premium Gourmet Precision+ mills provide the cook complete control with pre-set grind options. Choose from 6 pre-selected levels for pepper and 3 for salt. This gives precise adjustment of the grind from fine to coarse. Select a fine grind for a big punch in sauces or soups. You can effortlessly switch to a more coarse grind for a more subtle but longer lasting taste. This is especially beneficial for salads or steaks. Featuring sharp ceramic mechanisms in the salt mills and our new carbon steel Precision+ mechanism technology in the pepper mills, all confidently supported by our Lifetime Guarantee.

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