How To Refill Cole & Mason Salt & Pepper Grinders - Derwent Mills

Refilling Derwent Mills

Refilling Cole & Mason Derwent Mills is easier than it looks. It can be achieved in one swift motion. You'll want to secure the grinder first by grabbing it by the neck or base. This will prevent the Derwent Grinder from spraying loose salt or pepper when the top is removed. You'll then want to squeeze the mill's head and gently lift off the cap. That's it! Your mill is ready to be refilled. When you're finished refilling the pepper grinder, you'll want to make sure the cap is fastened securely on the mill. This refill process is applicable to the entire series of Cole & Mason Derwent Salt & Pepper Mills.

To make the refilling process even easier, you may want to consider using a Cole & Mason Salt & Pepper Refill Funnel. This will remove the potential for creating a mess when refilling your Derwent Series Salt & Pepper Grinders.

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