20 Ultimate Cooking Gifts For Foodies

There’s no time in the foodie calendar more exciting than Christmas. Sure, the festivities this year will be a little different, a little less traditional, but if there’s one thing that can be better than ever, it’s the food.

That means you want to make sure you’re giving - or getting - gifts that make this Christmas dinner a special one.

So to get you started, here’s 20 incredible cooking gifts for foodies everywhere.

Best gifts for amateur cooks

Southwold classic mill set

If you’ve spent the last few months really getting into cooking - or know someone who has - you’re not alone. Home cooking is going through a real boom period right now, so here are our best gifts for new-found foodies.

  • A high-quality salt and pepper set is key for any cook. So if you want to help someone take their seasoning up a level, look no further than this Southwold Classic Mill Set. Fashionable in black and white, it’s easily adjustable, practical and affordable.
  • The secret behind delicious pestos and sauces will always be a good pestle & mortar. This 14cm granite model is super robust but still perfect for withdrawing the subtle flavors that a food processor easily loses.
  • A good spice collection can propel an amateur cook into the big leagues and this eight-jar herb & spice carousel comes equipped with a global selection to do just that.
  • While seasoning and spices are crucial to your mains, you can’t have a salad without oil and vinegar. This classic pourer set will bring a touch of class to your salads and your kitchen table.
  • You’ve probably seen mills like this beech Capstan in every Italian restaurant just before they crack delicious black pepper over your pizza. Well, why not treat someone you love to a bit of restaurant quality for just under £15?

  • Best gifts for budding chefs

    spice and herb carousel

    Know someone who’s a real whizz in the kitchen? Then this list is for them. These are the game changers, the level-uppers, the tools that’ll turn apprentice cooks into master chefs.

  • This 16-jar herb and spice carousel has all the flavors a chef could need. Spice curries with cumin and garam masala. Bring Bolognese to life with basil and oregano. Even create meat rubs by combining spices and storing them in one of the two empty containers designed for your own blends.
  • Dried herbs and spices are always essential, but sometimes you need the verdant taste of a fresh herb to bring everything together. This innovative herb keeper has a self-watering pot to keep your herbs fresher for longer.
  • Sometimes you’re too busy in the kitchen for a two-handed pepper crack. Enter: The Hampstead Electric Pepper Mill. Now you can season your food quickly and easily with the push of a button.
  • This stylish Ashden Mezzaluna with Acacia board is designed to keep your flavors fresh and your fingers safe, so the curve of the blade fits perfectly into the board and slices effortlessly through any herb it meets.
  • Not much beats the taste of freshly ground spices infused through a dish. This Christmas, give someone this Stadhampton Chili Mill so they can enhance everything from roasts to mince pies.

  • Best gifts for fashionables foodies

    ceramic salad pourer as gift for foodie

    Getting gifts for people who like cooking can be hard enough. Especially if they’re all style over substance. Luckily, the gifts on this list are as fashionable as they are durable, designed to stand up to the task while standing out in the kitchen.

  • This Derwent pepper mill’s timeless finish and sleek, copper accent means it can take pride of place in any fashionable foodies’ dining room. It also features the award winning and flavor enhancing Precision+ grinding mechanism.
  • If you’re looking for an especially elegant kitchen gift, this beautifully crafted Marlow mill set is it. Built from sustainably-sourced acacia wood and finished in a rich wooden or gray color.
  • Modelled on London’s iconic Gherkin building, this modern Regent Concrete mill set features an easy to clean, clear acrylic top and a genuine concrete base.
  • This 2-in-1 glass pourer might look like it needs to be wrapped in cotton wool and wrapping paper, but it’s as durable as it is beautiful. Inspired by traditional Japanese kitchenware, the opaque exterior keeps out any light which keeps its contents fresh and flavorful.
  • A special gift for any foodie, the Saunderton Shaker includes 5 chambers can store your preferred herbs and spices while taking up a minimal amount of space. 

  • Best stocking fillers for foodies

    herb keeper

    When we think of Christmas gifts for cooks and chefs, it’s not often we picture stocking fillers. But, there are plenty of little kitchen gadgets that will make incredible presents too and the gifts in this list are just a few we think you’ll love.

  • It might not be picnic season yet, but spring is never far away and this handy combination mill is the perfect gift for any alfresco cooks. It’s small but it packs a punch and features dual ceramic mechanisms for your salt and pepper.
  • Cole & Mason invented the first ever acrylic pepper mill in 1975 with the 505 and those models are more popular today than ever. This 505 set comes in easy to wrap packaging, making it effortless to fill someone’s stocking with a piece of cooking history.
  • The Capstan pepper mill might just be the most iconic mill in the world. But, you’ll struggle to get a restaurant-size mill into a stocking. Luckily, this 6.5" version is just as effective but won’t take up the whole sock.
  • Some of the best stocking fillers are those quirky gifts you’d never think of getting yourself, and this self-watering herb keeper is just that. It’s an innovative gadget designed to keep your herbs fresher for longer.
  • This electric mill set was designed to help cooks save on time and effort. This set uses premium hardened steel to slice and grind, ensuring perfect flavor every time and at any setting. This really is a top level stocking filler for top level cooks.

  • So there you have it — our ultimate foodie gift list. Browse these fabulous gadgets online at Cole & Mason and get Christmas sorted. With free delivery on all orders over $49, why wait?

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